Meet The Band

George's Regis Jazz Band has a busy calendar of public and private events throughout the year and this is your perfect opportunity to meet the band! In order to meet the demand, we have a core of regular musicians and a number of supporting musicians who join us when the need arises. For this reason, if we were to try to get away with just one photograph of the band, we would inevitably leave some of our loyal musicians feeling left out! To be as even handed as possible, here is a selection of photographs from our album:

The Austin Seven Owners Club Autumn Amble

The Austin Seven Owners Club Autumn Amble is an annual favourite and the 2012 Amble arrived in Bognor Regis on the 30th September. Waiting to meet them were George Paterson on trumpet, Eddie Brockwell on clarinet, 'Boots' Baker on trombone, Jim Heath on banjo, Alan Kennington on double bass and George Bennett on drums.

Austin Seven Owners Club Autumn Amble


Sunday Lunch Jazz

There is nothing in the rules that says that you can't come to meet the band over Sunday lunch! The line up for this Sunday lunchtime event was (from left to right) Eddie Cooper (bass), Pete Dorday (banjo/vocals), George Bennett (drums/leader), Eddie Brockwell (reeds) and Pete Leonard (trumpet/vocals):

Sunday Afternoon Jazz In Bognor Regis


Sunday Afternoon Jazz

On other Sunday lunchtime events, the band can alter significantly. The line up for this afternoon in Chilgrove was (from left to right, front row then back row) Frank Wattis (banjo/vocals), Pete Leonard (trumpet/vocals), Roy Leith (saxophone), George Bennett (drums/leader) and John Boyett (bass / sadly passed away in 2011):

Sunday Afternoon Jazz In Chilgrove


The Longest Day Beer Festival

Festivals are a regular feature every year and a great way for many people to meet the band. One popular annual event is The Longest Day Beer Festival at Prior's Dean, near Petersfield. The line up for this  event was (from left to right) – Edwin 'Boots' Baker (trombone/vocals), Eddie Brockwell (reeds), Pete Leonard (trumpet/vocals), Eddie Cooper (tuba), Jim Heath (banjo/vocals) and George Bennett (drums/leader):

White Horse Beer Festival Strolling Band


Restaurant Jazz Band

Every so often we play at Woodies Wine Bar & Brasserie in Chichester, so you can meet the band over dinner. The line up for this evening event was (from left to right) Eddie Cooper (bass), George Walker (banjo/vocals), Eddie Brockwell (reeds), Woodies Proprietor, Pete Leonard (trumpet/vocals) and George Bennett (drums/leader) :

Woodies Wine Bar Jazz Evening


Outside Events Jazz Band

Meet The Band Out And About

Outside events and festivals sometimes take place on the sea front and this is another great way to meet the band. There are a number of such events and they can be windy! It is not uncommon to find the band strolling from place to place as these events unfold. Folklore has it that the band never quite manages to find shelter! One regular event over the years has been the Bognor Regis 'Sands of Time' Festival. The line up for this seaside gathering was (from left to right) Alan Kennington (sousaphone), Jim Heath (banjo/vocals), Alan Cresswell (reeds), Roy Leith (saxophone), Edwin 'Boots' Baker (trombone/vocals), Pete Leonard (trumpet/vocals) and George Bennett (drums/leader) :

Sands Of Time Festival Bognor Regis


Strolling Jazz Band

We couldn't resist a stroll along the sea front:

Sands Of Time Bognor Regis Stroll By The Sea

There are other members of the band and we will be adding more photographs in the coming weeks and months. Why not come to see us at one of our public events? Just check our calendar for details and make sure that you too meet the band!