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White Hart Strolling Bridge Band

Strolling Bridge Band

The band was back at the White Hart at Pulborough on the 28th June, with George secretly wondering whether the weather would allow them to dust off the Strolling  Bridge Band. Given that the weather was not on its best behaviour last month, all eyes were on the sky. Thankfully, although the weather was cloudy, there was only a little rain and the day was pleasingly warm.

Prepared for the anticipated ritual soaking, the band set up in the garden tent affording essential protection should the skies unleash their displeasure.

White Hart Band In The Tent

The White Hart Line up

Drums & Leader: George Bennett
Double Bass & Sousaphone: Trevor Britton
Trumpet and Vocals: Pete Dorday
Banjo, Guitar & Vocals: Jim Heath
Clarinet: Eddie Brockwell

On The Menu – On The Barbecue

The kitchen was on fine form serving their much-anticipated culinary delights and there was a barbecue on the go for those keen to fully immerse themselves in the ‘al fresco’ spirit!

White Hart Strolling Bridge Band

Strolling Bridge Band On The March

With the weather behaving, the band decided on a New Orleans marching set, accompanied by some of the audience and the pub’s table umbrellas.

Jazz Band On The Bridge

Everyone had a lot of fun with many marking their calendars for the next White Hart Sunday lunch jazz afternoon, wondering whether they would be treated to the Strolling Bridge Band yet again!

Sunday Lunch Jazz At The White Hart

On the 31st May 2015 Georges Regis Jazz Band played at the first of a series of Sunday lunch jazz afternoons at The White Hart at Pulborough. This was a great opportunity to enjoy a riverside setting and to be tempted yet again by a first class menu!

Sunday Lunch Jazz Band Pulborough

Sunday Lunch Jazz By The River

Located beside the riverbank on the east end of a historic bridge steeped in history, The White Hart has a lengthy heritage of serving the passing traveller traditional ales and first class food. The bridge has stood the test of time and so has The White Hart, still going strong after many a year.

Historic Bridge The White Hart Pulborough

Mother Nature can be a temperamental creature and somehow the prospect of Sunday lunch jazz by the river was too tempting to allow to pass un-rained on so the skies opened and the wind blew, ensuring that the band would be oh-so-grateful for their garden  shelter. Intended to provide protection from the fierce rays of the afternoon sun, the band’s tent on this occasion served to keep musicians and instruments dry and ensure that while singing in the rain, the band would not be… well, singing in the rain!

Jazz Band By The River

The members of the band playing at the first White Hart Sunday lunch jazz afternoon were:

Drums & Leader: George Bennett
Double Bass: Alan Kennington
Trumpet and Vocals: George Paterson
Banjo, Guitar & Vocals: Jim Heath
Clarinet: Eddie Brockwell

Singing In The Rain

Singing In The Rain The White Hart

Pimms With Jazz By The River

Undaunted by the weather, the band’s fine example was matched only by the spirited enthusiasm of the inspired dance troupe thereby promising an even more spectacular afternoon for when the sun shines and the less amphibious music lover is drawn helplessly to the riverside Pimms bar.

The White Hart Pimms Bar By The River
If you fancy trying riverside Pimms with your Sunday lunch jazz then mark your diary for the next event at The White Hart at Pulborough.

The White Hart Jazz By The River

We’re delighted to announce a series of new gigs coming up in the summer so do come and meet hosts Martyn and Lyn and enjoy The White Hart  jazz by the river, near Pulborough.

The White Hart Jazz By The River

Traditional Country Pub Jazz

The White Hart is a traditional country pub that is both cosy and comfortable. In keeping with the traditional ethos, there is no television and there are no fruit machines. This is helpful if the band has to play indoors on the odd occasion!

Home Made Food

The restaurant boasts an extensive menu – the food is all home made, even the bread. You can look forward to a delicious lunch, beautifully served. There is an outside area next to the river and Stopham Bridge. The little traffic that there is passes by the back and and for this reason it can’t be heard.

George and Barbara have enjoyed numerous meal at The White Hart and they’re sure that you won’t be disappointed. Don’t forget to book as the The White Hart jazz afternoons are expected to be popular!

Pimms Bar

Martyn and Lyn are planning to have a Pimms bar near the river for the summer. The band will be positioned under a gazebo in that same area, so George will be taking careful note of who enjoys the most Pimms!

White Hart Jazz

The first gig will be held on Sunday 31st May 2015 from 12.30pm until 3.30pm. There are five more dates organised so far between June and August so check our calendar for full details. We look forward to seeing you at The White Hart Jazz By The River !

Chichester City Club Jazz Night

Chichester City Club is a regular venue for the band. On the 22nd February the guest of honour was George’s daughter Hayley, over for a flying visit all the way from Canada.

Jazz at the Chichester City Club

We thought that it was going to be a quiet evening as the weather was bad. Maybe bad is an understatement – there was heavy, incessant rain! It so happened that this particular Sunday night at the Chichester City Club would turn out to be anything but quiet. It was one of the busiest evenings that the band had enjoyed there so far. See our calendar for more jazz nights at the Chichester City Club.

Musically, the band was joined by a variety of guests. Ollie, who had recently moved to the area, played as guest saxophonist. There were also two guest singers with Laurie Whitwell and Phyl Lewis taking the stage.

Line up:

Drums  – George Bennett
Trumpet / Vocals / Banjo – Pete Dorday
Clarinet – Derek Little
Double bass – Dave Rogers
Guest saxophonist – Ollie, recently moved to the area
Guest vocals  – Laurie Whitwell, Phyl Lewis and Toni Hayne

What an excellent evening at the Chichester City Club and full marks to everyone who attended despite the foul weather!

Rugby Later Jazz Earlier 15th March

With the rugby on the 15th March attracting a fevered following at The Stonemasons, it was clear that changes would be needed.

“Tri as we did, we couldn’t move the game so on this occasion we were kicked into touch” mused band leader George Bennett, as he pondered the new calendar for the 15th March, which happens to be Mother’s Day.

Reactions were initially mixed but jazz loving rugby fans quickly pointed out that they now had the best of both worlds and hailed the change in rhythm both helpful and ingenious. Reaction is awaited from rugby loving jazz fans…

If your mother enjoys jazz and rugby then she can have her cake and eat it or if Mother is off cake then The Stonemasons Inn serve a jolly good Sunday lunch with jazz instead!

New Venue The Steam Packet Pub

We’re delighted the announce a new venue The Steam Packet Pub, where the band will be playing on the last Friday of every month starting on the 18th April 2014.

New Venue The Steam Packet Pub

The Steam Packet, at 54 River Road, Littlehampton BN17 5BZ will be hosting the band for the first of a number of evening entertainment events from 8.15pm – 10.45pm on Friday 18th April 2014. Booking for meals advised. Full menus are available on The Steam Packet website. Telephone 01903 715994 to book a table.

The Steam Packet Pub

George Bennett said:

“It’s great to have a new regular venue to add to our calendar of events for 2014. The Steam Packet dates back to 1840 and stands on the banks of the River Arun, overlooking the site where the cross-channel steam packet ferry service ran between Littlehampton and Honfleur in the Calvados department in north western France between 1863 and 1882. Honfleur is located on the southern bank of the estuary of the Seine across from le Havre and very close to the exit of the Pont de Normandie.

Our first jazz evening at this historic pub is on the 18th April followed by performances on every last Friday of the month. Come on down to The Steam Packet and enjoy evening jazz by the banks of the River Arun!”



Yellow Dog Blues Jazz Video

Yellow Dog Blues is a popular jazz number with an infectious and catchy rhythm. On this occasion we were playing a Sunday lunch jazz session at The Fish House at Chilgrove on 30th January 2011. There’s much more going on in this video than just the music! On this particular day everyone was in buoyant mood – not just the band but the dance troupe and onlookers in the background too!

The line-up:

Dave Rogers on double bass, Derek Little on saxophone, Frank Wattis on banjo, George Bennett on drums and Pete Dorday on trumpet.

The Fish house used to be called The White Horse and is now The White Horse again! We played many sets here over a considerable period of time.

If you enjoyed Yellow Dog Blues then why not come and indulge yourself at one of our regular events? For up-coming sessions, see our calendar – who knows – we might even play Yellow Dog Blues again!

Events for May 2013

May 2013 – With The Great Gatsby!

May 2013 has been a lively month with no less than four private functions! We had just as many private events so a great month was enjoyed by all. You will find our up-to-date list of events on our calendar.

May 2013 - Picturedrome Cinema

We were invited to provide a jazz welcome in the entrance foyer for The Great Gatsby at the Picturedrome in Bognor Regis to set the scene for the release of the much-anticipated film.

May 2013 at the Haslemere Classic Car Rally

Haslemere Classic Car Rally

Later in the month we were at Haslemere Classic Car Rally with both a seated and strolling jazz band line up and a great time was had by all.

Strolling Jazz Band at the Haslemere Classic Car Rally

Strolling Jazz Band

St. Peter’s Church Summer Fair

St Peter's Church Fair

On bank holiday Monday 27th May the band visited St. Peter’s Church Summer Fair in Selsey for another great sunny afternoon.

What Is On In March 2013

What is on in March?

If you are wondering what is on in March and haven't looked at our calendar yet then you will be pleased to learn that on Friday 8th March we are playing at a jazz night in aid of St. Wilfrid's Hospice in Arundel. Please support this excellent charity. You willl be able to get full details from Jenny Edmonds so please see our calendar for contact details and timing.

If you can't make Friday 8th March or if you're looking for two great jazz evenings on the trot then on Saturday 9th March it's time to make your way down to East Wittering for a jazz evening at East Wittering Village Hall. You will be able to get full details from Mike Pettit so once again visit our calendar for details and find what is on in March.

You now have a little time to recover! On Saturday 23rd March you will be able to come to a jazz night at The Grange Community Centre, Bepton Road, Midhurst in aid of Help For Heroes. This famous national charity needs no introduction but always needs your help so contact Mike Boyce – check our calendar for details.

Less than a week after the Help for Heroes fund raising evening on Friday 29th March comes our regular monthly jazz evening with our friends at St Mary's Gate Inn, Arundel. You will be able to enjoy great ales and delicious food. This is nearly always a busy event so make sure to ring to book a table, particularly if you would like to eat. See our calendar for details.

If you're still wondering what is on in March then you haven't been paying attention! We hope to see you for some great jazz!



Fish House Jazz Video

This Fish House jazz video is a great way to remember the summer! With darkness closing in early as the winter months progress, it’s no wonder that we think back to the summer and remember the warm lazy sunny days. With that in mind, here is a jazz video that dates back to the 18th July 2010.

The line-up in this video is:

Frank Wattis / banjo – guitar
John Boyett (RIP) / double bass
Roy Leith / clarinet
George Bennett / drums
Pete Leonard / trumpet

John Boyett, the bass player, passed away later that year, so we remember him fondly in his music. For more about the musicians, why not Meet The Band?

The numbers played in this video are Dippermouth Blues, Painting The Clouds With Sunshine, Cake Walking Baby, Ice Cream and When The Saints Go Marching In.

We hope that you enjoyed The Fish House jazz video – there are more coming soon!