Madhurst Carnival Monday 31st August 2015

When we arrived at the Madhurst Carnival it was raining hard. This is not entirely unusual for a Monday in August! Our first performance was a strolling set on our way to the show ground. Once we arrived at the show ground we had a marquee awaiting so we could play in the dry.

Madhurst Carnival Strolling Jazz Band

Strolling Jazz Band Madhurst Carnival

Madhurst Carnival Marquee

Inside the marquee, we were regaled with tea and cake to fuel us for our next trip outside. We were due to play another set around the show ground as a strolling band. Thankfully the rain stopped just in time for our final Madhurst Carnival strolling set.

Jazz Band in the Marquee

Line-up: Peter Dorday on trumpet; Steve Davies on soprano sax; Derek Little on clarinet; Edwin ‘Boots’ Baker on trombone; Jim Heath on banjo; Trevor Britton on sousaphone; George Bennett on snare drum.

George and the Clown

George Bennett drumming with clown

The Madhurst Carnival weather had been severe but it didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits and a fun day was had by all.