White Hart Strolling Bridge Band

Strolling Bridge Band

The band was back at the White Hart at Pulborough on the 28th June, with George secretly wondering whether the weather would allow them to dust off the Strolling  Bridge Band. Given that the weather was not on its best behaviour last month, all eyes were on the sky. Thankfully, although the weather was cloudy, there was only a little rain and the day was pleasingly warm.

Prepared for the anticipated ritual soaking, the band set up in the garden tent affording essential protection should the skies unleash their displeasure.

White Hart Band In The Tent

The White Hart Line up

Drums & Leader: George Bennett
Double Bass & Sousaphone: Trevor Britton
Trumpet and Vocals: Pete Dorday
Banjo, Guitar & Vocals: Jim Heath
Clarinet: Eddie Brockwell

On The Menu – On The Barbecue

The kitchen was on fine form serving their much-anticipated culinary delights and there was a barbecue on the go for those keen to fully immerse themselves in the ‘al fresco’ spirit!

White Hart Strolling Bridge Band

Strolling Bridge Band On The March

With the weather behaving, the band decided on a New Orleans marching set, accompanied by some of the audience and the pub’s table umbrellas.

Jazz Band On The Bridge

Everyone had a lot of fun with many marking their calendars for the next White Hart Sunday lunch jazz afternoon, wondering whether they would be treated to the Strolling Bridge Band yet again!