The White Hart Jazz Afternoon

Jazz at The White Hart 27th July 2014

On the 27th July the band played in the garden of The White Hart during the afternoon and enjoyed lovely weather for the occasion. See our calendar for upcoming events.

Jazz At The White Hart

The White Hart Line Up

Drums & Leader: George Bennett
Double Bass: Alan Kennington
Trumpet and Vocals: George Paterson
Banjo, Guitar & Vocals: Jim Heath
Clarinet: Eddie Brockwell

It was great to catch up with many old friends from the Petersfield area, who the band hadn’t seen for some time!

 Dancing In The Sunshine

It wouldn’t be right to have a wonderful sunny afternoon with lively upbeat jazz and no dancing, would it?

Jive At The White Hart

Dancing At The White Hart

It was great to see friends old and new at The White Hart – why not come along and see us at one of our future events and enjoy a meal as well?