Yellow Dog Blues Jazz Video

Yellow Dog Blues is a popular jazz number with an infectious and catchy rhythm. On this occasion we were playing a Sunday lunch jazz session at The Fish House at Chilgrove on 30th January 2011. There’s much more going on in this video than just the music! On this particular day everyone was in buoyant mood – not just the band but the dance troupe and onlookers in the background too!

The line-up:

Dave Rogers on double bass, Derek Little on saxophone, Frank Wattis on banjo, George Bennett on drums and Pete Dorday on trumpet.

The Fish house used to be called The White Horse and is now The White Horse again! We played many sets here over a considerable period of time.

If you enjoyed Yellow Dog Blues then why not come and indulge yourself at one of our regular events? For up-coming sessions, see our calendar – who knows – we might even play Yellow Dog Blues again!