George And Barbara Have Another New Number

It shouldn't be that complicated but then again nothing ever goes completely to plan – time for a new number!

George and Barbara made careful arrangements before moving to have a new phone number arranged for their new home but as many of you will know, broadband service is delivered down the telephone line in many cases unless you have a cable TV provider although on the Manhood Peninsula cable TV has not made an appearance.

In George and Barbara's case, their broadband provider insisted on providing the telephone service as well as the broadband package. Nothing too terrible there expcept that this meant having another new number and they didn't find out about this until after they had informed everybody about what they thought would be their new number!

"That, m'lud, is why the defendant has changed telephone numbers twice in under a month…" (m'lud gazes wistfully over his half moon spectacles and lets out a wistful sigh…)

Fortunately, George and Barbara were let off with a tired shake of the head, as m'lud drew the second line through an entry in his address book in as many weeks and hoped quietly that they would play his favourite new number a little more often in future (or is that "new jazz number") – oh never mind!